Bonnie Friend

About me

 For me illustration is about a pen or pencil, a piece of paper, and peace of mind.  Sometimes it’s just for fun, sometimes it’s for a particular project.

Whatever it is, it’s always my favourite part of the day.  So I hope that if nothing else something on this page makes you smile!

So what do I do?  Well, illustrations, painting, bespoke stationary and wedding invitations – essentially, if I can draw it/ draw on it, I will!

I spend my life mostly in Devon by the sea with a beautiful puppy and partner.  It’s always beautiful there, and sometimes it’s even sunny – obviously I only post photos on social media when it’s sunny, so I think everyone thinks I’m always on holiday.  The rest of the time I potter up to London where I work with some amazing people as well.

Oh, and in my other life I am a writer – in case you wanted to know!

For more information or to ask about my work email me on!